Midnight Lights

Husband & wife country duo Jason and Katie bring a fresh spin on the country music of today. Breaking down the barriers of the country genre, they write songs inspired by anything and everything – from beat-driven pop to old school country gospel. Midnight Lights shows their lighter side on their new 7 track EP Elements, released in April 2016 and produced by the award-winning Bart McKay (Gord Bamford; Brett Kissel). From the tongue-and-cheek commentary on the lyrical content of today’s country music in “Good Old Days”, to the ukulele driven “Heart of Hearts”, each song is unique and shows not just the range of the artists, but the future of country music.

Music Videos

Exclusive Video Download: "Let's Get Outta Here"

Exclusive Video Download: "Let's Get Outta Here"

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Exclusive website download: Add the music video for Midnight Lights' debut country single to your collection! Only available here.

Love Your Neighbour Tee's

Love Your Neighbour T's
Wear your heart on your sleeve with these limited "Love Your Neighbour" Tour T-shirts from Midnight Lights. 

Over the past 2 years, Midnight Lights has used their Love Your Neighbour Tour & Initiative to raise funds for charities and those in need across Alberta and around the globe.