SONG-BLOG: S.A.C. Songwriter's 4x4 Challenge

Songwriting Challenge #1: Two Chords, Nothing More 

I really enjoyed this challenge. It took me on a trip down the rabbit hole through countless ideas (most of them crap) and helped me to understand the value of melodic and rhythmic creativity and integrity. 

Song Title: On My Own
Details: E Major || 4/4 Time || Chords used: 1 & 4 (and a variation of 1)
Written by: Katie Leussink

What Came First:
Thankfully, the hook came first. The hook is a repeated melody in the chorus "I'm alright, I'm alright", and becomes the focal point of the song. The melody came up naturally around the hook. The problem came from the words of the hook, because they required me to plot out the song in terms of a story. Being in a duo with my husband, I'm always looking for ways to create duets. From the words of the hook came the story of two people, recently separated/broken-up, who are desperately missing the other and trying to convince themselves that they are better off on their own. 

Eventually, this will be a great song sung as a duet with my husband in our band Midnight Lights. There will be a big bridge full of powerful "Oh's" (or something to that effect). Tempo may increase, and a catchy beat may be added. For now, the current version is softer, but still intense, and the bridge remains unfinished. 

Thanks for a great first challenge! Looking forward to #2.